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Burwarton Show 1st August 2019

Write up by Guy Mumford

Burwarton show was held on 1st August this year on a lovely sunny day, the temperature was not too bad.

There were plenty of highland cattle forward for judge David Maughan to take his time over, and lots of thinking.

David commented after the show how good quality and quantity of cattle for a one day show were there and how he enjoyed judging the cattle especially the cow class of 9 head. The exhibitors should be proud of their well turned out cattle.

Champion of the day went to - James Dubh of Chadwick from MJ and VR Monk.

Results are as followed-

Bull Class-

1st. MJ & VM Monk -James Dubh of Chadwick.

2nd. Mr & Mrs S Jordan- Conan Ruadh of Auchtenny.

3rd. J Williamson & J Harrison. Angus 1st of Yarchester.

4th. G Mumford. Bruce 1st of Yarchester.

Cow Class-

1st. R Thomas & E Davies- Gruagach of Balnabroch

2nd.Mr & Mrs S Jordan + P Langford. Princess Easter Bunny of Walton.

3rd.Mrs A Perkins. Turfrida of Oakwood.

4th.B & H Rowlands-Cairistiona Cara 2nd of Celyn.

Three year olds-

1st P Langford. Sweet Buttercup.

2nd.R Thomas & E Davies. Manna of Borland.

3rd.Mr & Mrs S Jordan. Dark Sapphire of Walton.

4th.G Mumford. Urshula Elizebeth 2nd of Walton.

Two Year olds-

1st.R Thomas & E Davies. Gruagach of Caradog.

2nd.A Perkins. Daisy of Thistle

3rd.Mr & Mrs S Jordan. Sweet Sheena of Tiddicross


1st.Mrs A Perkins.Jenny Bhuidhe of Thistle

2nd.MJ & VM Monk. Ailsa 7th of Chadwick.

3rd.R Thomas & E Davies.Gruagach 2nd of Cardog


1st.Mr & Mrs S Jordan

2nd.R Thomas & E Davies

3rd.G Mumford

4th.Mrs A Perkins.


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